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3 min readJun 12, 2022


In a live AMA (Dev Diary #9) on Friday, 10th of June 2022, the Ghospers Game team discussed some important news. If you missed it, you can catch up on the most important parts by reading this summary or by watching the AMA recording on our official Ghospers YouTube Channel Ghospers Game Dev Diary #10 — YouTube.

Marketplace live

After some internal testing and bug fixing, the community got to test the Marketplace on testnet as well. We are very thankful for all the people that helped test the marketplace and shared their positive words and feedback with the team. Because of you, we can improve the quality of all our developments!

The Marketplace is now live on mainnet and you can trade your 3D Ghospers Game NFTs! On top of the NFTs being on Binance Smart Chain with much lower fees than Ethereum, we have also reduced the Marketplace trading fees to be below market standard. The fee is set to 5% and will be divided over Buybacks, Tournaments, and Treasury.

Watch the Ghospers Game Dev Diary #10 on Youtube to get a quick overview and instruction of the Marketplace functionalities. Click this link to visit the Ghospers Game Marketplace and happy trading!

Ghospers Game — Marketplace screenshot

Marketplace Fees

As mentioned, the fees for the marketplace are extremely low compared to the fees on OpenSea. See the examples below on BscScan and check out the Marketplace Contract interactions to take a look at the fees yourself.

Create Order — $0.27
Create Offer — $0.44
Buy Order — $0.09

Arena Snippets

During the AMA, we showed some short snippets of the arenas that are being built. Parts of these snippets can be seen in the image below. Watch the Ghospers Game Dev Diary #10 on Youtube to see them all.

Thank you to everyone that joined the Dev Diary and we will see you in our next one!

-The Ghospers Team

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