AMA recap — Mini-game, 3D Ghospers, and timeline updates!

New Logo

  • The new logo is a non-existent Ghosper
  • It is forward-looking in a logo style more suitable to the whole game
  • The new logo Ghosper shows fire and hype
  • This Ghosper is not owned by any player to not inflate the price by mistake and to respect the ownership of the Ghospers

3D Ghospers Stages

  • The creation of the 3D models and objects in Unreal Engine: characters, accessories, items, environments, and props
  • 3D texturing artists create and apply the colors and the surface details to the model
  • 3D rigging artists develop the internal structure or “skeleton” of the 3D models
  • The artists do the actual animation of the models

3D Ghospers claim on the Binance Smart Chain

  • BSC fees are extremely low compared to ETH
  • There is no need to bridge, you can just claim it once we snapshot the wallet
  • The 3D Ghospers will be yours with all its traits in separate NFTs
  • The Ghospers marketplace will be on BSC

Timeline updates

  • The mini-game will be live this spring and the rest of our team is working twice as hard to make it happen as soon as possible
  • The demo version of the mini-game will be available at the end of March
  • The marketplace will be available at the end of March
  • 3D Ghospers will be available in March
  • Updates will be coming weekly via Dev Diaries
  • Marketing campaign with some tournaments happening around the world and collaborations with Gamers and Influencers
  • The new trailer is coming in March
  • Music for Ghospers Game is coming in March

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