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Wednesday, 10th of November 2021, Ghospers Game held an AMA where the CEO, Fares talked about some mini-game updates. In case you missed the AMA on Wednesday, we captured the most important parts so that you can read them in a quick summary!


  • The mini-game will be available in March next year on IOS, Android and PC. After March, the development will start on Land, Housing, etc.
  • The first tournament will be in March. First, second and third place will receive prizes. More details are expected to be announced in January 2022.
  • The mini-game is for anyone, meaning you won’t need an NFT to play, but the basic characters won’t be as powerful as NFT characters.
  • There will be three arenas to fight with the 3D Ghospers in every direction: UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT.
  • Three arenas have been sketched out for future places to fight: Forest, Desert and Mountains. Certain attributes may be more effective in certain arenas, like fire in the desert for example.
  • Each Ghosper will have at least three different magic attacks.
  • The marketplace will be live in March 2022 and will be integrated into the mini-game.

Ghospers NFTs

  • Traits are now in the GitBook showing various effects they will have on your Ghospers
  • The breeding of Ghospers will start in December 2021. Full details will be announced before.

Full Game

  • The first chapter of the game is 15-20 hours long and more seasons are planned to be added over time.
  • In October 2022, NFT holders will be able to play the demo of the game.
  • The team will be attending some gaming conventions next year to further promote the game.
  • The main focus is the game. On top of that, we will implement the blockchain.
  • For marketing propositions, please contact Rexington

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